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Hiring Workday talent with Agilysis

Maximizing your Workday investment might mean hiring candidates for permanent placements on your Workday team. But ensuring you hire the right person for every role can be a challenge.


With Agilysis, we find the Workday talent your business needs. From developing the job description, to sourcing candidates, and presenting an offer, we help you hire Workday experts for long-term success.


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Our Process

The Job Description

Hiring the right Workday talent starts with attracting the best candidates. We know what Workday specialists are seeking, so your position will stand out from the rest.

Sourcing Candidates

Our extensive database of independent Workday consultants and in-house talent pool ensures we identify top talent for your role.

Making an Offer

Hire your favorite candidate quickly with offer assistance from Agilysis, and build your dream Workday team.

Workday insights from Agilysis

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    No matter what your Workday project is focused on, one thing is true for every Workday implementation: You need experienced Workday professionals to support your project. But how do you find Workday talent with the right skills and knowledge to get the job done? Workday is an increasingly popular skillset, but that doesn’t mean all Workday candidates have the qualifications you’re seeking. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to evaluating and hiring a Workday consultant for your next project.

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  • Extending Workday’s Business Process Framework

    Maximize your Workday investment by using Workday Request Framework to configure requests, route for approvals, and close with requested actions.

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  • Improving Report Performance in Workday: A Case Study

    There are many ways to improve the performance of reports in Workday. But when the usual methods failed, Agilysis took a creative approach to reduce report run time for a client.

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    Hiring Workday expertsto join your team? Agilysis has the Workday talentyour business needs.


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