Phase X Implementation

Extending your Workday system post-deployment

Your Phase X implementation experts

Workday has been stabilized and post-implementation issues have been resolved. Now, you want to extend your Workday footprint by adding a new module to your existing Workday suite, or expand your Workday environment to a new business entity or global operations.


With a Phase X implementation through Agilysis, you get the functionality your business needs without impacting the ongoing operations of your Workday environment.

Our Phase X implementation approach

The first step in a Phase X implementation is a high-level discussion to understand the objectives, requirements, and timelines of your project. This will enable Agilysis to assemble the right team to service your needs.


Next, we undertake a detailed scoping exercise to get a deeper understanding of the current configurations and the requirements for your project. If Phase X is a new module deployment, Agilysis will provide a demo, so you understand how your requirements are likely to be implemented.


For any Phase X implementation, Agilysis will consider any in-flights projects, security and access requirements, regression testing, and cutover planning. All to ensure a successful Phase X deployment.

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