Why Your Next Workday Hire Won’t Be an Easy Find


05.18.2023 | Staffing Services


Just about every news outlet these days is littered with talk of layoffs. There’s even an online tracker keeping tabs on the companies downsizing their workforce and the amount of people they’re letting go. Yet even as 2023 layoffs approach 100,000, the skirmish for top IT talent in specific areas hasn’t eased up.

Where big tech firms dominated IT hiring in the past, small to mid-sized organizations now have their chance to scoop up top performers—if they play their cards right. That’s even the case for those technical skills in scarce supply. According to CIO, some of the most sought-after positions this year will include cloud engineers, database developers, and DevOps engineers.

We would add Workday professionals to the list.

As the enterprise cloud provider steadily grows—Workday generated almost $5.95 billion in revenue last year—more companies will seek out seasoned technical professionals who can maximize their investments in these platforms. Here’s why finding them will be a difficult task.

Workday’s Platforms Are Getting Smarter

Data now drives almost every instance of enterprise achievement or revenue gain. Innovations are at a point where organizations can generate near spontaneous and unprompted insights. With a recent $250 million investment, Workday is showing their commitment to unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning in their own platforms.

As a result, you’ll face hiring challenges. More Workday professionals will need some AI expertise, making already difficult hires particularly hard. In time, the talent will catch up, but for now, there will be very few with these overlapping abilities.

There’s Growing Demand for Workday Mainstays

The simplicity, dependability, and accessibility of HCM and Financial modules have made Workday a cornerstone application for organizations across industries. It’s those qualities which continue to draw enterprise customers to these cloud-based applications. And the more the customer base grows, the more preexisting talent will already be strained.

For companies looking to hire Workday talent, the rising demand will create asymmetrical challenges. Though mastery of HCM isn’t super abundant, it’s by far the most common skillset of this cloud application suite. Even though Financial Management is growing in demand, the workforce is still learning to navigate its full features and functionality.

What’s the solution? Companies will either need to turn to creative strategies to find their talent or hire more junior professionals and cultivate their skills.

Organizations Need Workforce Engagement

Thanks to the pandemic and the Great Resignation, more organizations have practiced some much-needed introspection about how well they’re engaging their people. That impulse can reduce their workforce attrition in serious ways.

In fact, a survey conducted by Workday Global found that 79% of frontline workers who felt a sense of belonging on the job planned to stay with their current employer this year. Compare that to the 33% of disaffected workers who planned to stay at their jobs, and there’s a clear call for businesses to implement processes and tools that can foster belonging and engagement.

Workday is always expanding its offering of solutions to simplify retention efforts, which are spiking in demand for companies eager to create cultures where workers want to stay. Their Workday Scheduling tool provides a smart platform to help companies balance labor demands and workers’ preferences in a mobile-friendly platform. When companies want to provide a voice for their workers, Workday Peakon offers an employee-centric and confidential forum to share their true thoughts and feelings.

These and other tools will grow in scarcity until more tech professionals can immerse themselves in Scheduling, Peakon, and similar employee-focused functions.

Finding Workday Talent

Despite those challenges, there are ways to gain traction with this scarce audience. However, it requires careful maneuvering to bring top technical talent through your hiring process. In this market, there are plenty of distractions to sidetrack, deter, or draw candidates away from your team.

Rather than live at the mercy of these problems, there are opportunities to surmount them. Learning some of the best practices for Workday hiring or even working with bona fide Workday staffing agencies can enhance your ability to find the right people when you need them most. Then, you can overcome any of your challenges in short order.

Are you looking for some best practices to keep Workday talent in your hiring funnel? Download “Your Start to Finish Workday Hiring Guide” to simplify your next search.

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