How to Evaluate and Hire a Consultant for Your Workday Project


09.23.2021 | Staffing Services


Are you getting ready to start a major Workday implementation or stabilization project? Perhaps your business has been using Workday for a while and you’re ready to expand your existing Workday suite with a Phase X implementation. Or maybe you’re looking for application management services to get ongoing support for your Workday environment.

No matter what your Workday project is focused on, one thing is true for every Workday implementation: You need experienced Workday professionals to support your project. But how do you find Workday talent with the right skills and knowledge to get the job done? Workday is an increasingly popular skillset, but that doesn’t mean all Workday candidates have the qualifications you’re seeking. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to evaluating and hiring a Workday consultant for your next project.

Expertise versus Exposure

You’re ready to hire talent for your Workday project. The first step? Finding a professional with real Workday expertise and experience, not just Workday project exposure. But how can you tell the difference?

Start by carefully evaluating their resume. Look for specific keywords and terminology that goes beyond general descriptions of Workday’s platform and operations. Does the consultant describe Workday modules applied to different environments? Do they have proficiency in specific Workday products?

Next, review the descriptions of their previous Workday experience. When explaining their work, do they focus on the project as a whole or their role within it? This distinction can be crucial to determining their level of familiarity and expertise within Workday. A candidate who writes about the project from a high-level perspective probably has Workday exposure, but their own role within the project might have been minimal. On the other hand, a consultant who talks about their specific contributions to the project and the impact of their work is more likely to have the expertise you need.

Of course, to find out if a consultant really has the skills and experiences you’re looking for, you’ll need to speak with them directly. Schedule a phone interview with your top candidates so you can screen out those who don’t have the expertise your project requires.

Key Interview Questions to Ask

No matter what format the interview takes (in-person or on video), asking the right questions is critical to collecting the information you need about a potential hire. This is your chance to dive deep into the candidate’s experience and make sure they have the skills and hands-on work that they’ve detailed in their resume. Beyond the standard interview questions, consider asking about:

  • Specific Workday projects they completed and what modules they worked on
  • A challenge they encountered on a recent project and how they addressed the issue
  • How they would solve a hypothetical Workday problem

When evaluating their answers, note the level of detail they include. Do they talk about Workday or recent projects in general terms or do they offer specific, detailed examples? Can they walk you through their process step-by-step or breakdown technical problems to make them more understandable? A consultant who is able to take complex ideas or situations and explain them in easy-to-follow steps likely has a deep familiarity with the Workday platforms and systems they use, and thus the skills and expertise your project requires.

Workday Related Capabilities

Beyond hands on experience with Workday and key technical skills, there are a few additional areas a talented Workday professional should be familiar with:

Project Management

The success of your Workday project or implementation depends on effective project management, and while you probably have a dedicated project manager leading the charge, everyone on your team needs to have good project management skills. A great Workday consultant will understand their role in the larger project, own their part of the implementation from planning to execution, and communicate effectively with others regarding how their work will impact aspects of the project.

Change Management

A Workday project or implementation is often an exciting turning point for your business. However, changing to a new platform and learning new ways of operating can be daunting. That’s why a talented Workday professional should also have an understanding of change management and how to earn buy-in from key leaders and stakeholders. Making the right technical updates alone isn’t enough to ensure a Workday project is successful. It also requires communicating and supporting the change so that everyone understands the benefits the project offers.

Time Management

The ability to use time effectively and efficiently is important in almost every job, but it’s critical when the work involves a complex project that needs to be completed on time and on budget. A Workday consultant without time management skills won’t be much help, even if their technical skills are top notch. Make sure your potential hire has experience managing time effectively by asking for specific examples that demonstrate this skill before making them an offer.

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