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10.21.2021 | Managed Services


Congratulations! Your Workday implementation has finally gone live and the result is a major turning point for your business. You’re probably thinking that’s the end of your Workday project, right? Unfortunately, you can’t just let your new system operate on its own and expect everything to run smoothly. Your Workday platform still needs to be properly managed and maintained to ensure you get the most from your investment. This is where application management services (AMS) can help.

At Agilysis, we offer Workday application management services and ongoing support including:

When reviewing your AMS options, you’ll also want to consider the level of support your business will need. Do you require dedicated resources, shared services, or something in-between? Let’s explore the different options available to businesses when looking for a Workday AMS partner like Agilysis.

Option 1: Core Service

With a Core AMS, you get full-time, dedicated support for all your Workday needs. This means the team working for you can resolve issues fast, using their high level of knowledge about your specific support environment. A Core service might be best for your business if:

  • Your Workday environment is complex and it will take time for a new resource to understand your system setup
  • You want knowledge about your Workday system to be retained within the support team
  • You have critical integrations that need to be urgently resolved in the event of failure
  • Your business has a steady need for enhancements and reporting

Here’s an example: A Fortune-500 healthcare and life sciences firm that had over 100,000 employees needed help supporting their entire suite of Workday HCM, including 400 integrations and thousands of Workday reports. The client engaged Agilysis to provide Core application management services that met the level of support they required.

To meet the client’s needs, Agilysis brought on a project manager as well as three functional, two technical, one security, and one testing resource to work alongside the client’s internal team. The Agilysis project manager led special projects to streamline support operations, and the team helped the client consolidate multiple payroll integrations for non-US countries to ease support requirements. Ultimately, the Agilysis team ensured critical payroll integrations successfully ran each week, relieving the client’s team so they could work on more strategic business priorities.

Option 2: Core + Flex Service

What if your Workday support requires dedicated resources and flexibility? Then a Core + Flex AMS might be the best option for your business. With a small team of full-time dedicated resources and a flexible team of part-time consultants as required, you get the support you need without increased costs. You also get a high level of knowledge about your specific support needs, fast issue resolution, and the ability to ramp-up or down your support when required. A Core + Flex service might work best for your business if:

  • You have a complex environment and a need to retain knowledge within your support team
  • Your critical issues need immediate resolution
  • Your business has intermittent requests for enhancements and reporting
  • You will have a need for new and emerging areas in Workday that are difficult to forecast

For example, a mid-sized technology firm needed a small, dedicated support team for its Workday HCM and Finance deployment. At the same time, they wanted the flexibility to rope in experts in Workday Prism and Adaptive Planning when required. They engaged Agilysis’s Core + Flex service to meet their support needs. The result was a cost-effective support model to resolve their day-to-day operational issues with the flexibility of bringing in deep expertise on demand to address their business challenges.

Option 3: Shared Services

Let’s say your application management and support needs have decreased. Maybe you have full-time, dedicated employees supporting your Workday environment, but you occasionally need expert assistance in specialized areas. Under these circumstances, shared application management services could be a great fit. A Shared Services plan provides your business access to a centralized pool of non-dedicated resources who can support you when you need it. The Shared AMS option would fit your business well if:

  • You have a relatively stable Workday environment
  • You have an internal team that is a fairly competent to address issues that pop up and only need support for complex situations
  • You can wait for complex issues to be resolved in a reasonable time
  • Your environment is not very complex and it would be relatively easy for someone new to understand your system setup

In one case, a small but fast-growing start-up needed to augment its internal Workday team with external experts on an as-needed basis. They engaged Agilysis to provide guidance and advice on addressing complex Workday issues. This level of service met their limited AMS needs and enabled them to tap into Agilysis’ deep expertise in specific areas to resolve issues faster.

Searching for the right level of AMS support? Learn more about our AMS offerings and how we can help your business.

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