Reducing the Cost of Support Post-Implementation: A Staffing Case Study


11.16.2020 | Case Studies, Staffing Services


Once a Workday project or implementation has gone live, there are often updates and enhancements to the platform that still need to be made and supporting these changes can be costly. By partnering with Agilysis, a client was able to acquire the right Workday talent to support and maintain their post-implementation environment while significantly lowering the cost of ongoing maintenance.

The Challenge

A Fortune 500 client engaged a leading Workday partner to move its payroll system out of an aged legacy mainframe into Workday Payroll. The scope of the engagement was to configure the Workday Payroll module and build over 70 integrations to enable payroll for 25,000 hourly and salaried employees in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

The client had already experienced a high level of frustration during the original Workday implementation. Its internal staff did not have the skills to support the system and the client had to spend a significant sum of money to keep the original implementation firm on for support long after the implementation.

This time they wanted to do things differently.

The Solution

The Workday Payroll project was split between the resources of the implementation firm and the client’s in-house staff and contractors. To ensure knowledge of the new Payroll system was retained, Agilysis proposed a dual services model. In this model, the resources required for the payroll project were staffed by contract-to-hire consultants and the client’s in-house staff was backfilled by temporary contract workers. This allowed the client to bring skilled expertise to the project, retain knowledge of the system, and evaluate the Workday consultants before committing to a full-time hiring decision.

The Result

In the end, the client brought on 11 temporary contract and contract-to-hire consultants skilled in Workday. Of these candidates, four were eventually hired by the client as permanent employees. This resulted in a low risk, low-cost approach to ensuring the client had the right in-house team to support their Workday environment and maximize their investment.

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