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05.17.2023 | Managed Services, Technical Articles


Innovation isn’t optional these days—it’s essential. However, your business leaders don’t need to attend every IT webinar, review every thought piece, or adapt to every tech trend simultaneously. If you can find and implement the right tools for the optimal use cases, you can enhance your organization’s growth strategies, profitability, and performance at scale.

Workday is a formidable example of how the right platform can transform the way you do business. The enterprise cloud platform evolves with the pace of the market, their in-house experts doing the hard work of staying abreast of modernization for their customers.

This quarter, there’s been plenty of progress to underline. The Agilysis team has gathered articles and thought leadership that showcase how Workday stands out. From the further assimilation of AI into their suite to the deepening indispensability of their interoperable platform for healthcare and professional service organization customers, there’s plenty of new developments to digest.

How Workday Helps Shape Regulations for Operationalizing AI in Ethical Ways

The federal government approaches new technology with trepidation. Politicians either fail to understand the implications or are more concerned with navigating complex issues to shelter their constituents. Artificial intelligence has become a particularly hot-button issue with lawmakers, Silicon Valley, and business leaders all vying to direct the outcome.  

At the end of the day, it’s important we find a balance that makes automation work for people and organizations. Only through take-charge action from experts will the market see good intentions pay off. In an interview at the Digital CIO Summit, Shane Luke, Vice President, Machine Learning & AI at Workday, had this to say about AI:

“I think one approach could have been to wait until the direction settles down and then react to it. You know, become compliant, adhere to the standards, whatever the case might be. That’s not the approach we took at Workday. We took the approach of trying to lead out and actually be a part of influencing those regulations in direction that’s in line with the principles we published around the responsible and ethical use of AI.”

Workday’s method, taking a seat at the negotiation table, increases the likelihood of true equilibrium, protecting people’s rights while also empowering users and organizations to maximize their own potential. Because of their involvement in conversations with regulators, customers can also take confidence Workday will design their AI capabilities to remain compliant with evolving regulations, enhancing HCM, Finance, and other modules with forward-thinking features.

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Workday Sees Continued Momentum in Healthcare, Helping Healthcare Organizations Drive Transformation Through Operational Insights

In April, Workday announced their continued growth within the healthcare sector as well as their recognition as the top performing cloud ERP solution for healthcare by KLAS Research. With an emphasis on interoperable performance across functions, regulatory compliance, and precision care outcomes, the enterprise cloud application leader has proven to an expanding group of healthcare systems their solutions can meet the challenges the industry demands.

In the release, Chris Paravate, Chief Information Officer at Northeast Georgia Health System, had this to say:

“Workday allows us to build more dynamic tools in the cloud and leverage analytics that bring decision support right to the front line, which is driving us towards precision care. Workday is integral to our digital transformation strategy, helping us to leverage cloud capabilities and interoperability, and apply evidence medicine in a way we haven’t in the past.”

How can Workday accelerate the digital transformation of your healthcare organization? The cornerstone of the cloud suite is their Industry Accelerator for Healthcare, which melds their deep industry expertise with best-in-class ERP features. The range of use cases has the potential to change every corner of the industry with these examples highlighting a key areas:

  • Clinician Engagement and Retention
  • Agency & Contract Labor Optimization
  • Value-Driven Sourcing
  • Optimized Automated Replenishment
  • Scalable Financial Insights
  • Accelerated M&A Integration
  • Demand Planning & Care Team Productivity

The trick is narrowing down your options from the sea of possibilities. If you end up working with the right partner, you can simplify your digital transformation roadmap with fewer detours. Whether it’s support for a new Workday implementation or a Phase X engagement, the right partner can accelerate your timelines and maximize your investment.  

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How do professional services organizations stay competitive when the world feels like a never-ending tilt-a-whirl ride? Leadership across PSOs have felt their heads spinning over the last few years and the confusion shows: Buyers’ concerns about PSOs overpromising and underdelivering increased by 41%, and delivering poor customer experiences increased 86% from 2020 to 2022.

How Modern Finance, HR and PSA Tools Help PSOs Manage Resources and Optimize Operations

Organizations that catch the eye will continue to be those that are equipped to highlight their advantages and use digital tools to optimize their operations and performance. Cohesive and modernized enterprise platforms are a central pillar in the solution. Patrice Cappello, Managing Director, Professional & Business Services Industry at Workday, said this in her diginomica blog:

“Siloed data, inaccurate information, and difficulty putting together reports are all common issues facing PSOs running on legacy systems. Those organizations lack a clear picture across HR, Finance, and Delivery; and lack time for more strategic activities. It’s also impossible to plan and forecast on the fly.”

How does Workday fit in? Patrice pointed to a global real estate firm of an organization that elevated their operations by shifting to the provider’s integrated cloud platform. With 75% of the firm’s costs related to people, they had a chance to streamline performance and improve outcomes by moving to an interoperable, user-friendly, and actionable system.

The ability for business users to access the same system and data simultaneously, no matter their location worldwide, can help to reduce siloes, enhance data, and elevate reporting. When all those attributes are in place, then PSOs not only increase their performance with existing clients but build a reputation for quality in the wider market.

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Eager to stay current with the latest Workday innovation news? Agilysis shares the implications of the latest Workday innovations and uses cases, unlocking the value for your business to leverage.

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