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03.29.2023 | Managed Services


Below, you’ll find a list of news and updates from Workday, offering use cases that your organizations should be pursuing. Let’s dig into the news and critical insights that’s reshaping the world of work.

Addressing Employee Burnout Risk

In the most recent Workday employee burnout survey, seven-out-of-ten analyzed industries either maintained burnout levels or saw an increase in risk. That puts the productivity and performance of organizations across the spectrum in greater jeopardy. However, not every person is going to vocalize their exhaustion when they’re at their wit’s end—they’ll stay silent unless approached and supported by management.

The right automation platform can improve your ability to streamline the process of measuring employee sentiment. Using Workday Peakon Employee Voice, organizations can provide their employees with a confidential platform to share their concerns, feedbacks, and shoutouts in real time. Organizations using the dashboard can receive actionable insights when they need it, responding to address issues to engage and retain their best people. You can get a fuller sense of the challenges and possibilities by checking out Workday’s informative eBook.

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PVH x Workday: Driving Digital-led Associate Experiences across 2 Iconic Global Brands

The retail space is experiencing higher than ever turnover through a combination of strained market conditions, post-pandemic fatigue, and changing workforce demands. In a Workday survey of industries reliant upon so called “frontline employees” (including retail), one third said they lacked the right data to properly engage employees (and it’s likely more don’t even know where to begin).

A recent interview with Hari Dorai, VP of HR Operations, Systems, and Analytics at PVH Corporation, revealed how retailers can break the mold and engage their people when using a customized Workday suite of programs. During the interview, Hari showcased the incredible potential of these tools including:

  • Communicating with retail associates, who often don’t have work emails, through a centralized, user-friendly portal
  • Standardizing policies easily across their Calvin Klein and Tommy brands with limited complications and simultaneous rollouts
  • Conducting performance management for all associates to create a streamlined process for talent reviews
  • Sending out customizable surveys with interchangeable questions during COVID that could calculate safety health standard compliance of retail locations

This interview really highlighted the potential of programs from Talent Management to PRISM Analytics in the competitive retail landscape. You can watch the full interview at the link below:

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A.I. Is a Must for Skills-Based Organizations that Want to Move at the Speed of Future Business

The skills required to thrive in the workplace are rapidly changing as technology evolves. Fortifying your employees against the competition requires proactive investment in their development, whether you expand their knowledge or completely upskill them to higher-value skillsets. As Peter Schlampp, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Workday, noted in a recent article, the required rapid scaling will only be fully possible with the assistance of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Workday has already devoted much of their attention lately to elevating their emerging and existing tools with AI potency. For example, their Career Hub application is using ML capabilities to personalize recommendations for employees to take on new projects to update their existing skills and interests. Also, realizing there isn’t always universal language or clear interchangeability with skillsets, Workday leaders set out, using their own AI/ML skills, to unify definitions through their Skills Cloud.

Thus far, it’s been a smash hit. These capabilities are helping early-adopters to attract, retain, and develop incredible people at every level of their organization. You can read more in his thought piece on

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