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10.31.2022 | Company News


Workday enterprise cloud solutions help organizations change the game and solve tough challenges in the workplace. When you’re in the business of empowering people, making time to come together with your peers to discuss the latest updates and innovations of these best-in-class applications gives the edge necessary to unlock their full potential.

That’s why once the Agilysis team found out Workday Rising 2022 would be in-person for the first time since 2019, we made the trip to Orlando happen, building our knowledge and strengthening connections along the way.

New Workday Changes on the Horizon

This year’s Workday Rising event focused on maturation, expanding capabilities, and driving change for Workday users. Every talk from the keynote to various breakout sessions covered topics from machine learning to enhanced personalization as a way to elevate how organizations operate, analyze data, and achieve their goals.

Talking with our customers and peers, we wanted to highlight the following points:

  • Workday Extend: Not every organization is going to be able to operate at full efficiency and productivity with turnkey solutions. In these instances, Workday Extend has exceptional at delivering customized, game-changing capabilities.

    Over 750 Workday Extend apps have been created by Workday partners and customers. Now, the low-code development process of Extend has been augmented through the adoption of the open-source API query and manipulation language GraphQL. This is just another way Workday is enhancing the underlying functionality of their user-friendly development tool.  
  • Workday Finance: The cloud-based finance offerings—with enhanced visibility, control, and insight into organizations’ GL and assets—is gaining further momentum. Through ongoing enhancements as well as further acquisitions, this cornerstone pillar of the Workday ecosystem has made major leaps and bounds in a short time.

    For example, Prism is helping organizations to import external data into Financial Management’s sophisticated reporting framework. This analytics feature is transforming the way users can make informed decisions about how key financial features and applications impact people, processes, and operations. It’s no surprise adoption of this module is on the rise across the enterprise landscape.
  • Workday Acquisitions: Recently, Workday has proactively worked to acquire a greater range of capabilities for their suite of solutions. The acquisition of VNDLY, for example, enhances the ability to manage contingent and external vendor managed workforce – a functionality that has been lacking within the Workday suite of products.

    Additionally, last year’s acquisition of Peakon helped Workday to amplify employees’ voice and reduce churn through real-time employee sentiment data. These acquisitions are just the tip of the iceberg for optimizing and expanding the core Workday modules customers trust.

Connecting with Workday Peers

More than just hearing the official announcements and insight, events like Workday Rising 2022 present us with a chance to talk shop, discuss best practices, and catch up with our customers and peers. This year, our team met with a select number of our industry connections at Harry’s Poolside Bar & Grill for a happy hour. Seeing everyone face-to-face after a few years of virtual only interactions was deeply rewarding.

After a few busy days, we walked away with excellent perspectives, deeper connections with the larger Workday community, and an eagerness to see more of our peers in-person at Workday Rising 2023 in San Francisco, CA.

Want to stay up to date with Workday Rising news? Our team of experts can provide you with the latest updates and insights into how businesses are using this enterprise solution to solve their latest challenges.

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