Software Company Unlocks Workday Survey Management to Improve Compensation Benchmarking


07.19.2023 | Case Studies


Agilysis helped an automotive software company automate their compensation benchmarking to retain and attract exceptional talent in their organization.

The Client

Automotive manufacturers on the road to digital transformation rely on this software company to reach their destination. From automation to connectivity, the company’s products have modernized millions of vehicles worldwide, providing consumers with a truly singular driving experience.

Since they’ve built a reputation for innovation, our client needs to attract and retain employees who are forward-thinking, flexible, and experts at their craft. One way is by accurately benchmarking compensation. In the past, in-house recruitment teams manually obtained and loaded an array of compensation data into their Workday Human Capital Management system. However, the process could often be time consuming, preventing the company from using the information in a timely manner.

The client reached out to Agilysis hoping to streamline the process of compensation benchmarking and upgrade their Advanced Compensation product. With our in-house expertise and proven processes, we helped them implement the solution in their timelines.

The Solution

Over a three-month period, the Agilysis team worked with the client to determine data points and create the configurations to support loading the data automatically in HCM. The client received their data from one of the big compensation survey consulting firms and wanted them accessible through the delivered reports provide by Workday. 

One challenge that can occur during the implementation of the survey management feature is the company’s jobs do not match broader categories of jobs on the market. For example, a role that is entitled an application developer at one company might be called a software engineer or web developer at other organizations. We verified the client’s prior work to define and map roles aligned with market data. Our team also wrote eligibility rules and created scopes, separating data based on various metropolitan areas.

Additionally, we implemented security protocols which prevent privilege creep and provide safeguards to the organization. From there, we implemented the ability to share this information with level-two managers and recruiters, creating a layer of security as well as accessibility to their decision makers.

The Results

Now, the company can compare data from different services and vendors within the same dashboard, simplifying the process of reviewing market compensation practices. Hiring managers can now generate competitive offers based on persuasive pay ranges, bonuses, stocks, total cash, and benefits.

Moreover, we’ve created a foundation they can use to scale up the survey management feature. Workday has forthcoming plans to allow users to upload data, automatically applying the new benchmarks to their dashboards, with the right integration in place.

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