Agilysis Automates Workday Offer Letter Process for Intl Business


04.13.2022 | Case Studies


Agilysis helped a global healthcare company to automate their Workday offer letter generation process, saving them time and improving their candidate experience.

The Challenge

When it comes to pioneering technology that changes the lives of millions worldwide, this healthcare company leads the way with innovation. However, one of the key steps in their recruitment process remained stuck in the past. Recruiters used Workday through sourcing and interviewing but relied on a manual process for extending job offers. Calling to make the offer, sifting through databases for the right template from hundreds of options, and waiting for candidates to return the signed copy risked delaying start times or even losing candidates to streamlined competitors.

The company’s talent acquisition division recognized the issue and wanted to take action to increase the efficiency and accelerate the turnaround of their offer bestowals. Since they already knew the benefits of Workday Recruiting, they had an idea of which platform they would use, even if they lacked the internal resources to enable the transformation. They knew our reputation as a reliable partner for Workday solutions across various modules. Moreover, their leadership recognized they could trust our Workday expertise and our ability to deliver desired results within their seven-month go-live timeline.

The Solution

At the beginning of the process, we coordinated with the company’s stakeholders to map out all the phases, criteria, subclasses, and templates of the offer letter generation process. More than just inserting the official role and job level, recruiters would need to select from country, salary options, benefits, one-time payments, or even sign-on bonuses. Our team left no stone unturned during the requirement gathering stage to ensure that the revised templates would encapsulate the company’s needs across divisions.

Additionally, we determined there would be a variety of potential recipients once the offer letter was signed, requiring a fluid process of automatically forwarding completed documents to the right parties. With all the preliminary planning achieved and potential risks identified, our compact team set about implementing the Workday offer letter solution. We provided the configurations and test cases to recruiters, allowing them to explore and validate the offer letters for appropriate combinations as well as for brand formatting, signature options, and company logos. The Agilysis team focused on the backend configurations in Workday Recruiting to ensure the offer letter generation process was coherent and easy to navigate on the frontend. We created calculated fields to incorporate the complex logic required by the business. Our team verified that all the proper systems accurately integrated with the new implementation as well as received notifications during appropriate stages in the automation process.

The Result

Before bringing on Agilysis, this healthcare company used 275 different offer letter templates to pursue the full range of potential hourly and salaried candidates. At the conclusion of the project, we consolidated all the possibilities down to 35 modular content pieces that could be reconstructed to create a wider variety of offer letters. Moreover, the automation saved the clients extensive time throughout this process, freeing up their recruiters to focus on other essential activities.

Once candidates received the automated notification, they were able to log into a Workday candidate portal, view the offer letter, and sign their acceptance in a user-friendly experience. In fact, the company’s talent acquisition team was stunned by the simplicity of the interactions. “Recruiters were saying the entire process is very easy. In fact, they were second guessing themselves, thinking they messed up because of how painless it was to initiate this process,” said one of the Agilysis analysts involved on the project. Rather than launch the transformation all at once, Agilysis and the company’s stakeholders decided to develop a strong use case for their U.S. and LatAm operations first. Once they saw the improvements with the efficiency of the Workday offer letter process, the elimination of errors from manual input, and the improvement of the entire candidate experience, the company was eager to transition over phase two of the project with global implementation. No matter where our client makes an offer, they are confident that the process will go off without a hitch.

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