Improving Report Performance

There are many ways to improve performance of reports in Workday. When the usual methods failed, Agilysis used a creative approach to reduce report run time.

The client had many Talent Management reports that used a 'Date in Role' calculation. This 'Date in Role' was considered by business while making many employee related decisions such as movement, trainings, succession planning etc.

The 'Date in Role' calculation is based on very complex logic with multiple conditions. Due to its complexity, it hugely impacted the run time performance of the reports. Some took hours! A few simply failed! We referred this to Workday, but all they could suggest was to reduce the complexity of the calculated field, which was not possible.

We used a creative approach to develop an out-of-the-box solution. The solution involved:

    • Creating a custom object 'Date in Role - All' and 2 custom fields - 'Date in Role' and 'Date in Role (exception cases)' to store the 'Date in Role' value on employee record.
    • Building an Integration with required logic to update value in 'Date in Role' custom field for all impacted employees.
    • For exception cases, updating 'Date in Role (exception cases)' custom field via EIB for such employees.
    • Including, in the required reports, a 'Date in Role' calculated field that would pull values from the custom fields in the custom object.

The solution improved report performance significantly. Reports that took over 5 hours, now ran in minutes. Exception cases were being handled without any issue.